Who Let The Dogs Out??? How To Take Care Of Your Feet In The Winter

Who Let The Dogs Out??? How To Take Care Of Your Feet In The Winter

For most people, the winter months mean that your feet will spend more time snuggling in your socks and clad in boots. This is the season where many of us stop getting pedicures altogether. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Ignoring your feet is a big mistake. You could create more problems for yourself now in regards to your foot health and later when the weather breaks and you have to reveal your hooves to the world--or worse!

For starters, make sure that your shoes fit properly allowing for plenty of room in the heel and toe. Ill-fitting shoes can cause skin irritations like callouses and blisters which require extra attention. Your hosiery should also fit comfortably so as to not restrict air or blood flow to your feet.

Maintaining good hygiene is very important as feet sweat when enclosed in shoes for extended periods of time. This makes them a breeding ground for nail fungus, athlete's foot, and wound irritation (if diabetic). Wash your tootsies at least once a day and make sure to dry them between your toes before putting on shoes or socks. And don't forget to clean beneath the nails with a soft brush.

To keep your feet warm and supple, slather them in rich foot creams. Exfoliate at least once a week to remove superficial dry skin using a sea salt or sugar scrub with a good natural oil base like olive oil or coconut oil. Active healthy exercisers may suffer from itchy feet, so a 10-minute soak in warm water and white vinegar or apple cider vinegar may relieve symptoms.

Since your feet are not exposed much during the colder months, now is a good time to skip on the nail polish and give your toenails a break. In the process, you might uncover some nail fungus, so consider treating it with tea tree oil and a vinegar bath to clear up minor cases. Contact your physician at the first sight of even the most minor conditions if you are diabetic.

If you follow these tips regularly, you may look forward to healthy, smooth feet year-round and avoid the horror show come spring!

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