'These 2 BLACK Men Raped Me!' Woman Who Had A Threesome Allegedly Lied On Football Player

'These 2 BLACK Men Raped Me!' Woman Who Had A Threesome Allegedly Lied On Football Player
Bridgeport Police Department via CT Post

Nikki Yovini just made it even harder for rape victims to get justice all while (possibly) ruining two lives in the process. The 18-year old was arrested last Thursday for lying about being raped repeatedly by a Sacred Heart University football player and another student. And, yes, you guessed right—both were young Black men. Yovini's reason? To get sympathy of a "potential boyfriend."

Apparently, Yovini and the two men had sex in a bathroom at an off-campus party back in October. Trying to win-over a guy she was interested in, the coed allegedly lied about the encounter because "it was the first thing that came to mind" (Really? The first thing, huh?). according to the Bridgeport Police Department affidavit. As a result of her accusation, both young men were stripped of their scholarships and forced out of school.

Yovini has been charged with second-degree false reporting of an incident and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. She faces up to five years in prison.

Of course, the South Setauket New Yorker has lawyered-up and posted a $150,000 bond. In spite of the statement Yovini provided when she was arrested, attorney Mark Sherman says that she now "denies the allegations and stands by her original story." Wait. What???

Look. This girl needs to pick a version of events and stick with it. If she lied, she must be held accountable. If she was raped, the young men must be held accountable. All of these lies make it that much tougher for the cops to do their jobs. Whatever happens going forward, these students have some hard lessons to learn about accepting responsibility for their actions. 

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