Dumb Modasucka Caught Practicing Medicine, But She Ain't No Doctor

Dumb Modasucka Caught Practicing Medicine, But She Ain't No Doctor
St. Johns County Sherriff's Office via Facebook

There must be either something in the water in Florida, or some folks must really believe that sleeping in a Holiday Inn Express will make you smarter. For whatever reason, a woman was caught practicing medicine without a medical degree.

When she was first hired as a registered nurse at Ponte Vedra Home Care in 2015, Amy Suzanne Pohlman, 48, didn't even have a valid Florida driver's license much less an advanced nursing license or a Ph.D. But that didn't stop her from falsifying documents to get the job. 

Pohlman did everything from writing care plans to assisting with the company marketing efforts before she started working with clients independently as a care manager. 

She was putting on a front for months, until last June, when her bosses tried to verify her license and found no record of "Dr. Pohlman" anywhere. And that Doctorate of Philosophy in Physiology was a figment of her imagination. This woman was basically running a muck signing Do Not Resuscitate orders (DNR's) and even performing a physical exam on one of the applicants. Oh, and the plaque in her office from the Trustees of the Mayo Clinic: Alzheimer's Disease Research Center issued on March 9 of last year was a fake, too. She ordered and paid for it locally.

We can't make this stuff up! Pohlman was been arrested and booked with a $50,000 bond placed on her head. There is no telling how long she has been running this scam, but at least she was caught. Pohlman is quite the actress. Wondering what her next role will be? We're guessing an inmate.

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