Condom-Clogged Pipe Leads Police To Investigate Massage Parlor Prostitution Scandal

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microgen via Getty Images

Warning: This story is NOT going to have a happy ending. 

The owners of Jade Massage Therapy, LLC in Austin, Texas were just arrested on suspicion of prostitution and money laundering. The property management company Stream Realty who leases the space to 49-year old Juan Wang and 54-year old Joseph Emery turned the couple in to authorities because of the hundreds of condoms found clogging the sewer pipe. Yes, HUNDREDS! Clearly this was not some random isolated incident.

But it would take more than a toilet bowl full of condoms to make the arrest. On February 5, Wang had been detained and questioned by TSA about the $30,000 she had in a carry-on bag. Agents allowed Wang to board the flight to China, but authorities kept digging. KVUE reported that the couple was advertising sexual services on Police even interviewed two men outside an alternate location who admitted to paying for "hand jobs."

By April 7, the Austin Police Department's Human Trafficking Unit and the Criminal Conspiracy Unit found evidence of sexual favors for sale at three different locations in the Austin area. They literally caught the naked clients with the workers in massage rooms. Wang and Emery weren't reporting all of their income either as investigators discovered over $66,000 stashed in their home safe.

Repairing a condom-clogged drain was a pretty unusual way to get tipped off to an alleged prostitution business and potential money laundering. Vice Unit Sgt. Kevin Covington can certainly attest to that. "I was like, 'you’ve got to be kidding me,'" the American Statesman reported. "It’s not the normal tip you would get, or lead you would get on a place committing criminal activity, but it happened, so that helped us out," Covington explained.

For some time now, Jade Massage has been profiting off the law of supply and demand. To have tens of thousands of dollars stashed and hundreds of condoms clogging sewer drains would indicate that they were meeting a need and being paid well for doing so.

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