Attention Naturalistas: These Swim Caps Were Designed To Protect Your Natural Born Curls

Swimma Caps
@swimma_caps via Instagram

No matter how you wear your hair, chlorine and other pool chemicals will wreak havoc on it...if you don't protect it. Throwing on a swim cap is easier said than done these days, though. 

If you rock a Halle Berry pixie cut, then saving your tresses is small work. But if you have an Afro, long braids, or locs, what do you do? Spend spring break and summer vacation wading in the water?

Have no fear! A Cape Town-based mom has created a line of over-sized swim caps that can accommodate your massive mane of hair. Nomvuyo Treffers calls the headgear Swimma Caps. 

This mom of two girls wears long dreads and her swim caps cover them with ease. She shares the story on her company website of how necessity was the mother of her invention.

"I found myself making excuses for not getting into water with my daughters and getting my hair wet," Treffers explains. "(Three) years ago I decided to cut my dreadlocks to have short hair just so that my hair would dry quickly. My daughters are young now and in a couple of years they will be teenagers and they might not find it so cool to hang out in the pool with their mother. But I missed my long hair too!"

Treffers thought it odd that in Africa, where nearly everyone wears natural styles, she couldn't find a swim cap to cover all of her hair. Since she couldn't find a solution locally, she designed one herself. She wanted to produce something that was inclusive of all hair styling choices.

"Thus Swimma was born and I decided to not only make it available for myself but for many like me. It's liberating that I can jump in with my long dreads, have fun, and my hair comes out dry!" Treffers continued.

Swimma caps are available in a variety of sizes and colors for toddlers to adults. Her caps retail starting at $6.95 for her youngest customers up to $15.49 for adult-sized caps. After your swim, you can even use a Swimma shower cap to keep your hair dry there, too. Visit the Swimma website to learn more!

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