Police Not Only Shot Brendan Hester After He Called 911 To Report A Burglary But They're Reportedly Lying About The Entire Thing

Brendan Hester
Brendan M Hester via Facebook

Apparently another thing that a Black man in America can't do is catch an intruder in his home, call the police for help, and hold the culprit until they arrive. On June 2, 23-year old Brendan Hester did all of these to protect his brother, his nephew, his brother's girlfriend from a burglar. But when Ashtabula Police arrived at 5:14 a.m., they came in the door shooting. Hester ended up hospitalized in critical condition.

As usual, the Blue Wall is in full effect and the police are circling the wagons. They've concocted their own version of events which includes walking in to find Hester and the intruder fighting, ordering Hester to drop the gun, Hester refusing to follow their orders, and finding drugs and heavy amounts of cash in the home. According to family attorney Jacqueline Greene, the police have fabricated nearly every detail.

"Police have reported that they ordered Brendan to drop the gun, however, this is not true," Greene told The Root. "They didn't order him to drop the gun. Brendan was shot immediately upon entrance into the home, and there was no scuffle going on at the time police entered that house."

Hester's home was no hub for drugs, either. But after shooting Hester, police saw fit to search his home only to find a little marijuana and cash on-hand that "any working person would be carrying around."

Greene insists that nothing is adding up in this case. She has called for a thorough probe into the matter by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) especially since the officer who shot Hester was not wearing a body camera. He is now on paid administrative leave.

Brendan Hester's Family And Attorneys
Photo Courtesy News 5 Cleveland

Hester's family is understandably outraged. "Brendan is not a criminal, nor did he deserve to be shot," cousin Alex Spangler said. "Brendan is a victim, and his life matters. We are devastated, but we are committed to seeing the police department held accountable for their actions. We deserve an apology. We deserve a full and thorough investigation by BCI."

Hester is fighting to recover from his injuries. Don't be surprised if his family files a lawsuit against the city. In the meantime, the Ashtabula Police Department is working overtime to cover its backside. If the cops are successful, Brendan Hester's name will just be added to the very long list of names of Black folks whose lives just don't matter. When is enough, enough?

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