Kevin Hart's Ex-Wife, Torrei Hart Just Created Her Own Natural Hair Care Line

Torrei Hart
Torrei Hart via Instagram

Even if you are married to a man before he becomes a Hollywood megastar, it is nearly impossible to be recognized as someone other than "Mr. So-and-So's Wife." But Torrei Hart is finding her way in this world since her divorce from Real Husband Kevin Hart. 

Named for their daughter, Torrei has launched a natural hair product line called Heavenly Hart Haircare. She says that the line will help define her brand while creating a legacy for Heaven.

"I was inspired by my daughter," Torrei told Madamenoire. "I wanted to present her with a gift when she turns eighteen. So, more than anything, it's a message, a self-love gift to her and reminder to women just to love yourself and go after whatever you want."

Funny thing is, this hard-working comedian and naturalista says wearing dreadlocks is her way of surrender. Torrei says that she was tired of the daily routine and just plain got lazy. Her mom has rocked locs for years, so growing out her own was a natural progression.

"I was tired of doing my hair every day," Torrei continued. "I was tired of wearing wigs. I was like, 'You know what? I'm lockin' it.' It's natural. It's who I am and so, I locked it. My mother also has locs so, she was an inspiration. She's had her hair locked now for almost 20 years."

Heavenly Hart boasts plenty of natural ingredients that have been proven to promote healthier hair and scalp as well as spur hair growth. Her products contain pumpkin seed oil, yucca root extract, and coconut oil. Torrei Hart's line includes shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing cream, curl souffle, hair growth oil, leave-in conditioner, and a scalp spray. Through a partnership with Nzuri, pricing starts at $15.95.

In spite of the public spats between Torrei and Kevin's new wife Eniko, she insists that she has moved on with her life. The co-parenting relationship they share enables her to explore her interests and be more than just a mom and somebody's ex-wife. Her marriage to Kevin will always be a part of her journey, but it wasn't supposed to be the destination.

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