Kamala Harris Challenges Lawmakers To Not Only Condemn White Supremacy But To Take Action!

Kamala Harris
@francismmaxwell via Instagram

It is one thing to speak out against racism, bigotry, and White supremacy. Doing something to destroy these hateful ideologies is quite another. Politicians can come forward with official statements condemning hate-mongers, but many are just doing so for the sake of appearances. Senator Kamala Harris (D-Ca.) is challenging the lip-professors to do more than just talk about the ills of White supremacy.

Harris announced her intentions via Twitter. She created a petition insisting that Republican members of Congress hold hearings examining the root causes of White supremacy and violence. The Charlottesville riots were the catalysts for her action.

"The Senate Homeland Security Committee Democrats & I are calling for a hearing on violent white supremacy to examine root causes," she wrote.

Harris also emailed supporters and explained why it is so important to hold lawmakers accountable.

"No legislator should be allowed to condemn white supremacist violence on one day and simply turn a blind eye on the next," she wrote.

The Charlottesville protest claimed the lives of counter-protester Heather Hyer and two state troopers. Hatemongers also brutally attacked 20-year old Dre Harris, but arrests have been slow-coming. 

Efforts from activists via social media have been instrumental in revealing the identities of the offenders. For example, a Baltimore man named Richard Preston, 52, fired his gun into the crowd during the protest. He has since been identified as an imperial wizard of the Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. It took weeks, but he was finally arrested and charged. 

Harris hopes that government probes will help put a stop to future hate crimes. She best summed up her feelings on the subject in a tweet on the evening of August 13.

"Every single day we must choose hope over despair and love over hatred. We are a stronger nation because of our diversity," Harris tweeted.

We tend to agree. Well done.

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