Lock Him Up! Deplorable Dad Arrested After Police Find 5 Starving Children Living In Feces, Bugs And Filth

John Moton
Dallas County Jail via The Root

Alerted by loud and persistent cries, a phone call placed by a concerned citizen to the Dallas Police Department just may have saved the lives of five children. At first glance John Moton's apartment probably needed a good cleaning, but upon closer inspection the situation was worse than anyone could have imagined.

It is unclear whether or not Moton is the children's father, but he was aggressive and defensive with police when they first arrived at his door. According to Dallas News, he refused to identify himself or the children and acted erratically. He kept going in and out of the apartment but would not allow police to verify that the children were okay. Reports suggest that Moton may have been armed, so police took him down with a stun gun and then handcuffed him.

Then police entered the unit and were sickened by what they witnesses. Reports described the living conditions as "deplorable." The unit had no electricity, so the heat only made the smell of feces that were strewn everywhere and the stench of rotting food overwhelming enough to make a grown man vomit.

The three girls and two boys were hungry and dirty including one who was in a crib wearing a soiled diaper. There was even a pitbull inside the home tied to the fireplace. The little bit of food in the refrigerator was not worthy of consumption and the pantry was bare. Rotting scraps of food covered in flies, gnats, and roaches were found throughout the unit.

Fortunately these children, aged 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, were placed with Texas Child Protective Services and Moton was arrested. He faces charges of criminal negligence, abandoning or endangering a child, resisting arrest, and failing to identify himself as a fugitive. No need to worry about him being freed anytime soon. Moton also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest stemming from a speeding ticket.

At this time, it is unknown why Moton was living with the children in such horrific conditions, but at least someone saw fit to intervene. These babies deserve better and here's hope that they get it.

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