Exhausted? Here's How To Get Energized When You're On Your Period

woman sleeping during a meeting
Paul Bradbury for Getty Images

OK, Ladies. If you're like me, then when Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit, you might experience everything from bloating to breakouts. But the one-period symptom that I can really do without is period fatigue. I just have too much to do and not being energized really messes with my rhythm.

I've done a bit of research and found out some ways to keep the pep in my step when I'm flowin'. And according to OB/GYN Dr. Lauren Streicher, M.D., the reasons why we get tired in the first place have more to do with our habits than our hormone levels. Keeping that in mind, a few simple changes to what we do when that time of the month rolls around can make all the difference. 

For starters, the fact that we may have to get up during the night to freshen up interrupts our sleep patterns. Needless to say, that means we will likely drag through the day like the Walking Dead. Whenever possible, sleep in, take power naps, and try to turn in early. If you can protect your clothing and bedding from leaks and spills, you'll sleep better. You know like I do that not having to worry about the cleanup is a load off the mind.

Believe it or not, the desire to curl up in bed for hours on end is a big no-no. Even if you get out and walk for only 20 minutes, exercising during your period means releasing tension from your body, an increase in mood-improving endorphins, increased energy, and even better sleep. Go figure.

Period cravings might be calling you to the dessert table of the snack aisle, but don't go! Sugary and starchy foods spike your blood sugar levels and provide a short-lived burst of energy. But when the effect wears off, look out. You'll crash and end up feeling worse than you did before with the only remedy being eating more. Besides, who wants to get fat while on their period? Not me.

Lastly, always check in with your doctor for severe symptoms of fatigue. This could be an indication of a medical condition like anemia, depression, diabetes, thyroid disease, or worse.

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