Here's How To Naturally Grow Back Your Snatched Edges

Woman with natural hair and good edges
@joanna_nix via Unsplash

The number of hair styling options available today are seemingly endless. And if you get easily bored with your look, you probably want to try them all. 

But the stress that weaves, wigs, braids, relaxers, and color can place on your hair can lead to thinning edges. If you wait too long to address your thinning hairline, it may never fully grow back. So what do you do?

Well, the last thing that you should do is ignore the problem. More importantly, using products loaded with chemicals could end up doing more harm than good. There are several more holistic methods that you can try to stimulate hair growth and get your edges back together.

For starters, try massaging your scalp at least nightly. According to Naturally Curly, massage increases blood flow to the scalp which stimulates hair growth. Using Jamaican black castor oil or vitamin E oil along with rosemary or peppermint oil takes the stimulation up a notch. 

Spend 3-5 minutes per session gently rubbing your scalp. If you can talk someone into doing it for you, the benefits include a little relaxation, aromatherapy, and maybe even a better night's sleep. And whenever possible, protect your hair with satin.

Naturally Curly also recommends treating your hairline from the inside out. Consider taking vitamins that have a formula especially for hair growth. Consult your doctor first, though. Sometimes simple tweaks to your diet might be all you need. 

Also, remember to stay hydrated even in cooler temperatures. Extreme heat and cold can have a drying effect on your hair.

A few very critical behaviors must be avoided, especially when you are in your treatment phase. Make sure that you keep cleansers, moisturizers, and other skincare products away from your hairline. The chemicals in them may be damaging your hair follicles. 

You must also protect your hair from any kind of friction. Do not brush your edges, use adhesives on them, apply edge gels, wear tight caps, or wear styles that tug on your hair. 

If your edges are performing a disappearing act, then give your styling regimen a rest. Better to be a little less fabulous now than bald forever.

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