This Man Got Angry And Savagely Bit The Head Off His Girlfriend's Puppy

Luis A. Arroyo
New York Post

What in the hell would make a man so angry that he would bite the head off a dog and then punched his girlfriend in the face??? Well, we don't know and we don't want to know!

But, Luis Arroyo went completely off the rails in the wee hours of one February morning in Lares which is just outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The 40-year old was apparently so enraged with his girlfriend that he ripped the head off her Chihuahua and then socked her between the eyes.

The couple had lived together for about six months and reportedly there had been no history of domestic abuse. Now people don't usually just wake up one day with that kind of crazy. Of all the things that he could have done to get her attention, murdering her dog with his teeth was all he could come up with??? There had to be signs along the way that this man was just a little bit disturbed.

Fortunately, Arroyo will be off the streets and away from everybody's pets for some time. His bail was originally set at $400,000 which the unemployed Chihuahua-chomper couldn't raise. He will spend the next seven years in prison and pay a $3,000 fine for his convictions on charges of domestic abuse and mistreatment of an animal.

There are probably a whole host of women and puppies somewhere breathing a collective sigh of relief. Good riddance.

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