Draya Michele Just Spilled All The Details On How She Keeps Her Body In Killer Shape

Draya Michele
@drayamichele via Instagram

Before 2011, Draya Michele was virtually unknown beyond dating Chris Brown. But she joined the cast of VH1's Basketball Wives and has since become an actress while launching several clothing lines, including her swimwear line, Mint Swim

With a body like Draya's, it's no surprise that she has also signed with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. The 32-year-old self-made millionaire also has two children—what is her secret to staying right and tight?

Is it plastic surgery? Draya has been under the knife before and she admitted to having her breast implants removed earlier this year. Even if she has had work done she still has to maintain it. But Draya doesn't follow a super-strict regime to stay on track. She told Fashion Bomb Daily back in 2014 how she has always managed to stay swimsuit-ready all year long.

"I work out as needed. I don't usually go hard in the gym until I start noticing myself getting out of shape, mostly after holidays," she said. "I'll work out for like a week to get back in shape."

Draya went on to say that her diet isn't all that regimented, either. She makes her meals at home as much as possible, practices moderation, and avoids foods and drinks that wreak havoc on her body.

"I try to cook as much as I can and I don't necessarily cook healthy, but I use very small portions to keep the calories at bay," Draya said. "I love soda...but my skin and body [don't]. I'm a cheater about once a week."

Draya insists on drinking plenty of water. But it is very important to make adjustments the moment you see yourself go off-track.

"I wake up every morning and step on the scale...if something changed...I have to make changes," she said. "I think being aware is the first step."

Sounds simple enough, right? The lesson here is to be aware of your body, give it what it needs, and adjust your regimen accordingly. We can't guarantee that you'll look like Draya, but you'll be well on your way to feeling good about the skin you're in!

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