The Woman Who Was Body Shamed By Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers Speaks Out For The First Time

Dani Mathers
@edwardvkanty via Instagram

Last July 2015 Playboy Playmate of the Year Dani Mathers publicly humiliated a 70-year-old woman by taking a nude photo of her and then posting it to Snapchat. Mathers' body shaming antics scored her a misdemeanor charge for invasion of privacy. 

Although she was sentenced to 30 days of community service and 36 months of supervised probation, the elderly woman may never recover from the shame and emotional trauma.

The still-unnamed senior gave her attorney permission to speak out about Mathers' punishment and the impact her actions were having on her life. "She used the word, that it had been 'humiliating,'" Attorney Mike Feuer told the Los Angeles Times.

Mathers maintains that she only meant to share the photo privately, but even that is against the law and just flat out wrong. But if you really want to judge her motives, consider that the little playboy bunny captioned the picture with these words: "If I can't unsee this then you can't either." 

Then there's the so-called apology that Mathers claims to have offered to the victim. Feuer said that just didn't happen. "I saw Ms. Mathers on Good Morning America. She claims that she's tried to contact the victim, I presume to apologize," he said. "I will share with you, that surprises the victim, who told me she is unaware of any attempt by Ms. Mathers to reach out to her."

Maybe since Mathers proposes to be some sort of perfect physical specimen, she has no idea what it is like to be ridiculed by complete strangers about how she looks. The victim was at an L.A. Fitness to exercise and improve herself. She should be able to do that sans this kind of harassment.

"Body shaming is inhumane. And it tears down the victim's self-respect. It has devastating consequences. It stigmatizes victims," Feuer said.

His client wanted, more than anything, to regain some modicum of privacy. She only asked for $60 to replace the backpack captured in the photo so that no one would be able to link her to this hateful act. That's a very small price to pay for obliterating another woman's dignity. Dani Mathers got off easy...

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